“What’s really important to me, in the work that I do, is providing space for people to just BE. To not have to be anything in particular, except themselves.”

In this authentic interview, Gemma Smith and I talk about:

  • Gemma’s journey from busy, career driven perfectionist to how she (finally) embraced slowness when she became a mother
  • How ‘shoulds’ can impact mothers and what she does to cope with these types of thoughts
  • What Gemma recommends to keep your sense of self when you’re a mother
  • And more!

Gemma Smith is the owner of Together Pregnancy and Postpartum, where she helps professional women authentically transition to and within motherhood.

As well as a business owner, Gemma Smith is an Accredited Social Worker, mother of two and provides perinatal counselling and doula support for professional families.

Gemma is a self-professed recovering perfectionist who lived a very fast life, constantly pushing herself well beyond her limits while striving for success (along with adrenal fatigue apparently!) – until she had her first baby – and the rest has been a complicated, messy, profound and joyful history, which has led her here today…


Connect with Gemma:

By her website:  https://togetherpnp.com.au

On IG: https://www.instagram.com/together.perinatal/

Listen to Gemma’s own podcast, where she interviews other professional women (including me!) about their motherhood journeys here: https://togetherpnp.com.au/podcast