The Slow Life Project


You deserve to feel confident.

To live a life of meaning and purpose.

To relax and have TIME for what matters most to you.

Let’s empower you to live the life you WANT to lead, and be the person you dream of being.
By using psychology! 

Here’s how I can help you feel more relaxed, confident and joyful.

The Slow Life Project Book

The Slow Life Project book is a self study program for reducing overwhelm, discovering your purpose and passions, and learning how to best support yourself so you get to consistently show up as the confident, courageous and calm person you’d love to be.

Take your time, be your own boss.

The Slow Life Program

The Slow Life Program is the ultimate in personal support and problem solving for developing confidence and clarity in your life. 
Individual sessions tailored to exactly what you need from the full Slow Life Project system and the highest level of accountability and support. 

Go after exactly what you want.

The Slow Life Course

A four week program covering the essential themes of The Slow Life Project, The Slow Life course encourages implementation and action without overwhelm.
Pre-recorded content, exercises and private group support.

If you like short term commitment, with structured support.

The Slow Life Project is for you if:


  • You’d like to discover what truly lights up your life 
  • You want to gain more satisfaction from your life without having to take on anything extra 
  • You need help with how to make decisions, set goals and use motivational strategies to achieve true success 
  • You want to avoid mindset traps that can leave you unsatisfied, even when you’re living a great life
  • You’d like to stop feeling overwhelmed on a regular basis
  • You’re sick of the unhelpful habits like overeating and nail biting, that you’re using to avoid your feelings 
  • You are 100% ready to live your life with confidence, clarity and care. 

The Slow Life Project:

Turn busy into clarity of purpose and confidence of action.

Hi, I’m Lana

I’m a registered psychologist who’s helped hundreds of women just like you reduce their stress and anxiety, improve their confidence, and do what brings them joy.

I’m a natural problem solver –  great at taking the knowledge and experience I have and creating a personalised solution for your unique situation.

I’m also down to earth, super relaxed and friendly. Let’s have a bit of fun together while also sorting out the important stuff!

I’m 100% in it with you. I never ask my clients to do something I haven’t done myself and so I know first hand the challenges and the rewards of living your Slow Life Project.

What people are saying about The Slow Life Project Book

The Slow Life Project instantly appealed to me. As a chronically busy person, a slow life seems both desirable and unattainable. So, I am grateful that I received this book at a time that I had just enough of a lull to start reading it, and once I started reading it was something I wanted to make time for.

The way that the book is structured makes it easy to work though a little at a time. The exercises are not overwhelmingly complex but build on one another in a way that helped me to understand what it was that made me gravitate toward the idea of a slow life and to develop my ‘slow life map’ based on my own values and intrinsic needs.

In my work, I spend much of my time helping organisations to navigate change and firmly believe that successful change comes from each individual understanding not only what is changing, how it affects them and what they need to do, but WHY they need to change. The Slow Life Project gives more than just the tools of how to change, it helped me discover my ‘why’, and that is why along with my slow life map and Lana’s guidance on how to navigate a purposefully slower life using it give me confidence in developing my own pathway to ‘living a life with more meaning, authenticity and joy’.

The Slow Life Project should be required reading for anyone who craves a more meaningful, intentional life.

Anna D

Project Consultant specialising in Change Management for HR, Brisbane

The Slow Life Project is a useful approach to living well. It provides a helpful framework that is easy to follow, plus explanations, guidance and further reading for those that want more.

The Slow Life Project would be particularly valuable for busy parents wanting to gain more clarity and focus for themselves and their family.

Fiona Kay

Family Mentor and Coach, Creator of “Empowering Parenting” and “Beyond Anxiety”

Recently, I’ve found myself having trouble coping emotionally with changes brought on by covid and other life events. At times, I’ve found myself rather down and even despairing.  

I don’t like to talk to anyone about myself which has meant I’ve not sought help from a healthcare professional when sometimes I would have benefited from it. 

In the privacy and safety of my own home, at my own pace, I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to read “The Slow Life Project”.  The book not only validates how I’m feeling and thinking, it also shows me that I’m not alone and also gives me tools on how to slowly work on these things myself.  This is exactly what I needed as I can’t for the foreseeable future book in to talk to anyone, so this book means I’ve received help and guidance now, instead of continuing on as I was.

Jodie S

Office Manager, Brisbane

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