About the Slow Life Project

Hi, I’m Lana, and I am a woman on a mission to empower other women to live a meaningful, authentic and joyous life with full confidence.

Hi, I’m Lana.

I am a woman on a mission to empower other women to live a meaningful, authentic and joyous life with full confidence.

A bit about me as a person – I live in Brisbane, Australia, love the beach, and am a peanut butter addict! I’ve got a husband, two children, two businesses, and a tendency towards worrying about ‘doing enough’ and getting things ‘right’ – I was the original inspiration for The Slow Life Project 😊

My Mission

My big vision is to bring the benefits of psychological strategies and tools to a much larger audience than would ever go to a psychologist. 

Not all psychological strategies (you don’t need them all!), but the ones which have the potential to transform your life, before life gets so overwhelming that you burn out, or break down.

Strategies that can be used not just in a crisis, but to prevent a crisis. 

Strategies that are evidence based, research backed, and can benefit amazing woman trying to live the most confident, purpose-driven, and yet relaxed life they can. 

Tools that’ll set you up for resilience, confidence and empowerment for the rest of your life. 

Why choose to work with me?


I’m a registered psychologist who’s helped hundreds of women just like you reduce their stress and anxiety, improve their confidence, and do what brings them joy. I’ve got a wealth of professional knowledge and experience earnt through hundreds of clients and thousands of psychological sessions.

I am a master problem solver! I take the knowledge and experience I have and create a personalised solution for your unique situation – you don’t have to figure out how to apply the knowledge to your life, I do that for you. Just pick up your plan and roll with it.

I’m great for people who need solutions and strategies and are more than ready to take action – as soon as they know what action to take (see problem solving above 😊).

I’m confident in what I know, and confident in myself, so I don’t need to hide behind jargon or rigid session structures. We can just relax and have a bit of fun together while also sorting out the important stuff.

I’m 100% in this with you. I never ask my clients to do something I haven’t done myself.  I know how challenging it can be to do this work (as well as how rewarding!). I’m human, I’m a worrier, I still get scared and say yes when I need to say no sometimes. I’m in the trenches with you, doing exactly the same kind of work as you – so you know I get it!

The Slow Life Project

The Slow Life Project is my system for approaching life in a way that will lead to maximum amounts of meaning, authenticity and joy.

I chose the techniques in The Slow Project from the hundreds I’ve tried with clients over the years (I’ve been working with people on their mental wellbeing since 2006, so I’ve had a lot of time to test out ideas, and a lot of clients to try out techniques with).

I’ve taken the best strategies for building self-confidence and self-esteem, and put them into a simple-to-follow model that gives you a unique blueprint for your most meaningful, authentic and joyous life. 

Unlike a lot of other systems, I’m not asking you to follow my ideas about what makes a great life – I’m empowering you to live by the values you hold.  That way, the techniques you use to maximise your authenticity and joy are based on what’s meaningful for you, and nobody but you. You can’t get more bespoke than that! 

Once you know what makes life meaningful for you, The Slow Life Project system helps you with strategies to maximise your authenticity and enjoyment (think specific goal setting and implementation templates as well as techniques to build your self-esteem). 

But you don’t stop there. The Slow Life Project system also targets the blocks that hold you back from using strategies that help you be your best self. After all, how often have you known what you need to do, but find yourself unable to do it anyway? The Slow Life Project gives you the strategies to increase your confidence and reduce your procrastination so you can take continuous action to live the best life for you.

Want in?

The easiest way to get started with The Slow Life Project is to download the first chapter of the book


If you already know that this book will speak to you, and give you fresh solutions to old problems, buy a copy now.


If you’re ready to take ACTION to change your life, then grab my e-book + e-workbook bundle. You’ll get a copy of The Slow Life Project, AND a Slow Life Project Workbook with templates for implementing all the strategies outlined in the book.


If you want to see MASSIVE shifts, and fast, then invest in yourself with the Slow Life Project Program, and get access to:

  • A hard cover copy of The Slow Life Project book
  • The Slow Life Project Workbook with templates for implementing all the strategies outlined in the book
  • 10 x 1:1 support sessions to implement everything in the book
  • Access to EXCLUSIVE bonus content that allows you and your personal Slow Life Project guide to add even more value, meaning and satisfaction to your life.  

Get in touch to see if The Slow Life Project Program is right for you, below.

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