5 reasons you procrastinate on what matters (no, you’re not lazy!).

“Procrastination is very rarely about being lazy. Procrastination can occur for a lot of different reasons, but has little to do with who you are, at your core, as a person.”

In this solo podcast episode, you’ll learn:

* Why is procrastination actually a problem?

* 5 potential reasons (that aren’t being lazy) for procrastination

* What you can do to shift your personal procrastination pattern into values-led action

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Hi! I’m your host, Lana Hall. Registered Psychologist and owner of Sage & Sound, Author of The Slow Life Project, Speaker and Mindset Mentor, from Brisbane, Australia. I help overwhelmed, overcommitted, overthinkers clarify their values and simplify their lives so you can feel confident, joyous, authentic, and lit up with purpose and meaning. How? By using evidence-based tools from psychology!