Lana Hall
Speaking, training, workshops.

Lana Hall
 Speaking, training, workshops

….Have you been looking to:

Prevent Staff Burnout?

Motivate Your Team?

Improve Staff Communication?

Develop Shared Values and Culture?

More than ever, people feel overcommitted and overwhelmed at work.


The result:
Unplanned sick leave, job hopping and presenteeism.

All creating huge costs to the workplace in lost time and productivity, not to mention the effect on individual health and wellbeing.

Protect your team and your business from the costs of chronic stress and burnout.

Learn from an expert: evidence based tools and tips direct from a psychologist.

Walk away motivated, with practical strategies, and the knowledge you’ve taken care of yourself, and your team.


Short, sharp education and advice
(45 min – 1 hour)


How to connect with anyone, anytime

Creating a life you won’t regret at the end of it

Learn this, and you’ll never be a slave to technology again.


A combination of education, practical exercises and skill building

(2+ hours)

Prevent staff burnout

Motivate your team

Improve staff communication

Develop shared values and culture

All speaking and training can be offered online, or in-person.

Design your own!

Lana can create a bespoke presentation tailored to your workplace’s unique needs, to ensure you get the most specific, targeted information and strategies that will benefit your unique culture and team.

To discuss your workplace’s needs and interests and what Lana can offer you, please complete this form

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Thank you Lana for your fantastic presentation The WHY matters: using intent to avoid burnout and enjoy your work (and life!) more.  As they say “change is the new normal” and in the current world we live in as we navigate constant change and the usual pressures of work and home life, your presentation was timely and very relevant for our team with lot of practical tips we can use every day at work and home.  Our team loved it and everyone is looking forward to reading your book! It was a very engaging presentation and we got lots of great feedback from our people! 

Deanne Wilden

General Counsel, Legal & Secretariat, Australian Retirement Trust

The content of what you have put together is incredibly valuable. I am so happy to have been able to collaborate with you as you been able to create content that is exactly what we had in mind to add to the toolbox of support available to our clients. I can’t recommend you more highly.

Learning tools and strategies to enhance our emotional wellbeing and resilience in a helpful way to thrive personally and professionally. The tools and practical steps shared by Lana were relatable to the work we do, the space we create for clients, and how we want to empower our team to thrive.

Amy Sanders-Robbins

Director, Bespoke Family Law Services


Prevent staff burnout – 2 hours

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Recognise signs of burnout in themselves and others

Take action to prevent burnout using self care strategies

Implement their own resilient mindset change program

Understand how business practices can prevent or accelerate burnout

Motivate your team – 2 hours

By the end of this workshop, your team will be able to:

Identify their five key personal values

Use these values to prioritise tasks and motivate themselves at work

Use motivation tips and strategies for goal achievement

Use productivity tips and strategies to get the most from each day


Improve staff communication – 3 hours

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know:

The three key non verbal communication strategies

How to develop rapport and empathy with difficult people

Five strategies for effective verbal communication

Also includes time to practise communication strategies during the workshop and receive feedback

Develop shared values and culture – 3 hours

Perfect for management or businesses owners

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be able to:

Identify the why of your business or team

Develop and implement ideas for weaving your why into your business practices

Understand how to use company values to attract and retain clients

Understand how to use company values to attract and retain staff


How to connect with anyone, anytime

Thought provoking tales from my professional life as private practice psychologist, that will also teach your audience key listening and emotional intelligence skills.

Creating a life you won’t regret at the end of it

What does psychological research tell us about what really makes for a meaningful, satisfying and enjoyable life? (Hint: it’s not being busy, or working to exhaustion). Learn what skills and habits are required, and discover how to implement these ideas in work and life, to become the person you want to be, live the life you want to live and feel satisfied, happy and alive!

Learn this – and you’ll never be a slave to technology again

Technology, social media, AI – we’re all hooked because all of these modern inventions make our lives easier. But, the problem with easy is that it’s rarely satisfying. It doesn’t lead to personal growth, or satisfaction with ourselves, or compassion for others. To free ourselves from the hold technology has over us, we need one core emotional intelligence skill: the ability to process our emotions. Learn how to do this, and keep technology where it belongs: as a tool, not an addiction. 


I engaged Lana to speak at a local meeting for an Australia-wide professional services member organisation. The feedback was wonderful, with multiple attendees reporting that they thoroughly enjoyed Lana’s presentation style and content, and gained a lot personally from the evening. Lana gave the group a much needed boost. I highly recommend Lana as a corporate speaker!

Joan Caelli

Director, Perspective Psychology Services

Great tips for better managing the work day. Love the mindfulness stuff.

Gabby Walters

Associate Professor, UQ

I appreciated so many practical tools to meet a variety of needs.

Self Care & Difficult Conversations Workshop Participant

Head Neck and Jaw Clinic, Brisbane

This presentation has given me practical strategies and tips to work through emotions that I often struggle with. It makes me feel excited to practice the tips when dealing with difficult situations.


Legal Assistant

Lana was a fantastic presenter at our recent development training. She provided us with strategies to ensure we remain present and mindful in the workplace, strategies that are sure to help us find balance in ourselves.

Lana is able to provide great insight into how mindfulness can impact all areas of your life, not just reducing stress at work. Many of us have begun working in earnest to achieve the goals we set ourselves in the workshop portion of the development session.

Thank you for teaching us valuable methods for staying present and accountable to ourselves.

Matt Parsons

Student Affairs Division, The University of Queensland

Lana helped bring back the purpose (of) why I am working – she also supported some ways that I can change my lifestyle to respect what is important.

Very intelligent and full of life,  Lana has a new insight into work/life balance. She presents very well and I aim to use her material in my daily life.

Dr Aaron Tkaczynski

Senior Lecturer, UQ Tourism