Masculine and feminine energies can best be described as the difference between doing, and being. We all have these energies inside us, and each of us has a unique balance between the two which, when in balance with how you live your life, will bring about the greatest satisfaction, confidence and joy”. 

In this powerful interview, Sharon Joy and I talk about:  

💫 What masculine and feminine energies are, and how to tell the difference between the two 

💫 The benefits to you in creating more balance between these two forces in your own life 

💫 The easiest ways to get started decreasing the doing, busy, masculine energy in your life by inserting more activities focussed on being, and being present.  

Sharon Joy Galway is a Business & Life Coach and the woman behind Sharon Joy Coaching, helping coaches, healers, and soulful consultants in the early stages of their business get clear and go from swirling to solid. 

Sharon is the host of the Joyous Journeys in Life + Business Podcast and holds a Diploma of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Strategic Coaching. She uses a perfect blend of strategy and alchemy in her coaching to help clients overcome blocks that hold them back from becoming who they desire to be, tune into their deepest desires and get out of their own way in order to bring their dream online business to life. 


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