“You don’t know what you’re compromising unless you’ve got a really clear idea of what your values are first. When you know that, you can set boundaries. But then it also takes practice. Boundary setting is a practice.”

In this powerful interview, Jen Parker and I discuss:

  • What you need to know before you can start really trusting yourself
  •  The three kinds of boundaries we can have, and which ones you want to have
  • What Jen recommends you do to start listening to your inner voice more regularly
  • And more!

Jen Parker is an empowerment coach. She helps women evoke their inner power AND embrace their feelings. Jen is a pioneer in leading women to reclaim their power through prioritising themselves and setting boundaries without guilt.

Jen believes that when you build a connection to self and learn to truly love and accept yourself, you are no longer a prisoner of external validation.

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