To break the cycle of people pleasing, you first need to become aware of the cycle, to turn off the autopilot. You will not be able change until you’re fully aware of when the pattern runs, and how it runs, and why”.

In this powerful interview, Lesa Blackham and I talk about:

🤗 How to take action even when you’re stuck in the FEAR of what will happen when you say ‘no’.

🤗 What to do if you get stuck feeling resentful and angry towards others for asking for your help

🤗 The simple mindset shift you need to embrace if you’ve been a people pleaser for so long you don’t even know what you want anymore.

🤗 And lots, lots more!

Lesa Blackham is the owner of Lesa Blackham Coaching, a FemEmPowerment Coach, speaker and a writer.

As well as a business owner, Lesa Blackham is currently a recovering people pleaser.

Most importantly, Lesa’s work specialises in empowering intelligent, capable and talented women who are tired of living under the weight of expectation, who are ready to rise up and break the chains of oppression, to reclaim their divine right to not just exist but to thrive in a world where a woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be.

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