Unless you’re resting and regrouping, you just can’t grow. You won’t have the energy available for your goals and plans. A resting phase allows you to get clear on your true priorities, and to hear your own voice about what really matters to you in life.” 

In this fascinating interview, Rachelle and I talk about:  

💫 What seasonal living means, both month to month and year to year 

💫 The many benefits to taking a seasonal, rather than linear, approach to your life 

💫 Several different ideas on ways to incorporate seasonal living into your life, and so experience the benefits of being present, getting clear on who you are, and taking aligned action to be that person. 

Rachelle Glendon is a Slow Living Coach and the woman behind the podcast ‘How to Live Slow’.  

Rachelle has particularly focussed on the transition time for women who are moving from being working woman into motherhood, and balancing raising children against other life responsibilities. Rachelle is an advocate for how slowing down, and living more intentionally, can make the early years of parenting feel easier, lighter and more satisfying, as well as how living slow can benefit everyone more generally too. 

Free Gifts from Rachelle:  

Toolkit for rest:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_cbk7beuumCr_RBi34TaUZZ-aGxbHgEE/view?usp=sharing  

4 seasons of busy and slow: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nXIZQW84GlfY-2ZHVv2GuHbfek2oPqEC/view?usp=sharing  


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