Manifesting joy while solving problems? Don’t mind if I do! In today’s episode:

🌱  Why there are always at least three ways to solve a problem – and only one of them requires your effort!

🌱  What to keep in mind if you want to be a truly successful leader or entrepreneur.

🌱  How to simply and easily manifest more of what you actually want in your life (as well as more feelings of satisfaction and joy) by changing the way you interact with the opportunities and situations presented to you.

Knowing that you have a choice as to how to respond when faced with a problem is the first step to feeling more in control of your life, and creating the life you want to live. Listen to this episode to learn how you want to begin thinking about your problems, challenges and opportunities so that you create a life you love to live.

If you’d love to learn more about mindset changes that’ll help you feel great about your life, then download my ‘3 super easy ways to end overwhelm (that require zero extra time!)’ guide.

The changes are so small and easy to implement and yet you’ll immediately start experiencing more joy and satisfaction in your life, and greater balance too.

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Hi! I’m your host, Lana Hall. Psychologist, author of The Slow Life Project, and Speaker from Brisbane, Australia. I help overwhelmed, overcommitted, overthinkers protect their energy, simplify their lives, and create meaning, joy and satisfaction for themselves.