I recently read ‘How to do nothing’ by Jenny Odell, which reminded me that when you’re feeling stuck, unsatisfied and restless (something I’ve definitely felt since returning from France!) it may be a better strategy to change what you’re focussing on, rather than thinking your whole life (or large parts of it) need to change before you’ll feel more content. Honestly, the best life will be a combination of both, but most people, myself included, tend to get overly focussed on the circumstances, and forget about the power of attention in determining our happiness.

The podcast episode covers:

🌱  Why it makes sense to put more time into focussing where your attention goes, and less into trying to change your circumstances.

🌱  What you need to do first to successfully be able to re-direct your attention.

🌱  Ideas on how you can re-focus your attention to create a more satisfying and enjoyable life for yourself.

If you’re currently feeling unhappy with your life, and have been working on changing the external world as a way of feeling better, then I’d encourage you to try changing where your focus goes instead. It’s actually a more powerful predictor of your mood than where you are in the world!  

If you’d love to learn more about mindset changes that’ll help you feel great about your life, then download my ‘3 super easy ways to end overwhelm (that require zero extra time!)’ guide.

The changes are so small and easy to implement and yet you’ll immediately start experiencing more joy and satisfaction in your life, and greater balance too.

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