In today’s fast paced, information filled, always on world, I can pretty much guarantee that – you need to rest more often!

In this week’s podcast:

🌱  Understanding what rest is really doing for you

🌱  Why resting isn’t actually ‘doing nothing’

🌱  Coming to terms with the idea that resting is actually the most productive thing you can do, and will help you to achieve more anyway.

Resting is the little known secret to living a satisfying life that is fun too. Start using the power of rest to enjoy your life more, as well as creating more effective action towards what you’re creating in your life!

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The changes are so small and easy to implement and yet you’ll immediately start experiencing more joy and satisfaction in your life, and greater balance too.

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Hi! I’m your host, Lana Hall. Author of The Slow Life Project, Workplace Trainer, and Speaker from Brisbane, Australia. I help overwhelmed, overcommitted, overthinkers chill out before they burn out. How? With practical, easy, evidence based tools from psychology!