“Moving mindfully allows you to restore the mind-body connection, and tap into all the wisdom your body is sharing with you, moment to moment, that we miss out on when we rush and live our lives in our minds.”

Special guest Kate Hubert, Mindfulness Meditation and QiGong teacher, shares with us today:

🌱  The benefits of mindful movement, and how to do it

🌱 How we’ve lost our mind-body connection, and how you can get yours back

🌱 Loving kindness and self care and how they relate to your relationship with your body

Kate Hubert is a Mindfulness Meditation and QiGong teacher and combines the two in Mindful Movement & Meditation courses.

Kate is an advocate for Slow Living and is passionate about the benefits that moving lightly and slowly bring to the body, mind and life in general.

 Kate loves teaching people how to stop striving, lean back into life and apply mindfulness practices to everything that they think, say and do.

Kate has SkilfullMIND Meditation Leader Certification, has completed The Power of Awareness  training course with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield and has Reiki Level 1 & 2 training.

She is a Certified Holden QiGong Teacher, has an International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA, 460hrs) Diploma of Yoga and facilitates  4 Week Intro to Mindfulness Courses in Indooroopilly and Bulimba for Mindfulness Works Australia

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