“Empowerment is the opposite of feeling helpless, hopeless or stuck. Empowerment is all about taking back our power, so we feel more confident, stronger, and able to direct our own lives and claim what is rightfully ours.” 

In this solo podcast episode, I’ll share with you my ideas around how disempowerment manifests in little ways in our lives, and practical strategies to reverse the feelings of hopeless, helpless or stuck, so you can feel empowered, confident and strong in your everyday life. 

Learn more about: 

🌱  Why understanding empowered action can help everybody – even if empowerment isn’t a value of yours. 

🌱  What’s really going on when you feel stuck, and how to move forwards when you feel that way. 

🌱  How to change your thinking to change feeling hopeless. 

🌱  How to change your actions to change feeling helpless.  

If you’d love to learn more about how to slow down and chill out before you burn out, then download my ‘3 Easy Ways to Start Living Slower (that require zero extra time!)’ guide. The changes are so small and easy to implement and yet you’ll immediately start experiencing more joy and satisfaction in your life.  


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Hi! I’m your host, Lana Hall. Registered Psychologist and owner of Sage & Sound, Author of The Slow Life Project, Speaker and Mindset Mentor, from Brisbane, Australia. I help overwhelmed, overcommitted, overthinkers chill out before they burn out. How? By using practical, easy to implement, evidence based tools from psychology!