Lack of confidence can usually be traced back to one of three core fears: Fear of failure, fear of unworthiness, or fear of not being good enough. Without going back and exploring these root causes, it’s difficult to move forwards and become truly confident.” 

In this empowering interview, Anna and I talk about:  

💫 Anna’s own journey from being a shy child to a confident entrepreneur 

💫 The impostor syndrome cycle, how it becomes self-fulfilling, and what it takes to stop the cycle. 

💫 Why ‘fake it until you make it’ just doesn’t work! 

💫 Practical ideas for building your confidence 

Anna Weber is a Brisbane based practitioner and the creator of Glowing Confidence Now.  Anna draws on over 10 years’ experience in supporting women from all walks of life to reclaim their confidence, stand their ground and find their voice.  Anna is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Counsellor and Certified Life Coach with experiencing in supporting women, men and their families with relationship breakdown, non-violent communication, establishing healthy boundaries, healing from violence and assault, healing after trauma and rebuilding their self-worth and confidence.   

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