I hadn’t heard the term ‘job crafting’ until last week, but the core of job crafting aligns with both advice I give others, as well as advice I’ve been given, so I’m excited to discover it has a name, and a process!
Job crafting is three-pronged approach to help you to change how you feel about your work (whether that’s a job, or your own business) without actually needing to change much about what you do. If you’d like to feel more satisfied with how you earn your money, this episode is for you!

The podcast episode covers:

🌱  The three areas of your job that you can adjust to increase your satisfaction, and ideas on how to do this.

🌱  What Amy Wrzesniewski’s research into job crafting, showed and how she found that this process works for even the most restrictive jobs.

🌱  Applying this to other areas of your life to increase satisfaction there too!

If you’ve been feeling a bit flat at work, and sick of some of your responsibilities, then today’s episode will give you lots of great ideas on how you can feel invigorated and interested in your work again.

If you’d love to learn more about mindset changes that’ll help you feel great about your life, then download my ‘3 super easy ways to end overwhelm (that require zero extra time!)’ guide.

The changes are so small and easy to implement and yet you’ll immediately start experiencing more joy and satisfaction in your life, and greater balance too.

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