“There came a point in my journey where the only thing that I could do, was surrender. To forget about controlling what I couldn’t, and focus on what I could control, my mindset. And that’s when my real healing began.”

In this enlightening interview, Sally Kriel and I talk about:

  • How Sally coped when she was diagnosed with cancer when she had two young children.
  • How her journey through cancer has changed her life, and her priorities 
  • The rituals Sally used to cope with her experience during cancer
  • What Sally hopes you can learn from her experience
  • And more!

Sally Kriel is a cancer wellness consultant, cancer wellness ambassador, mumma, nurse and author of the book ‘A woman’s guide to Navigating the Invisible Cancer Load

Her business, Awakened Mumma, supports Sally’s big vision to share her story, as well as experts’ advice, to support women to have an easier cancer journey.

Sally believes that knowledge is power, and to successfully treat the body, we need to support the mind.


Connect with Sally:

Website:  https://theawakenedmumma.org/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/the_awakened_mumma_wellness

FB: https://www.facebook.com/theawakenedmumma