Using Forest Bathing to Heal Burnout with Monique Ross   

“I had to re-define what success meant to me. From being successful and achieving in my career, and financially, into a definition of success that prioritised creativity, having an abundance of time, and an abundance of space too.”

One for the workaholics among us!

In this enlightening interview, Monique and I talk about:

* Monique’s experience of burnout, and how to recognise if you might be close to burn out too.

* What forest/nature bathing really is, and the benefits it provides in healing conditions like burnout, anxiety and depression.

* Monique journey from knowing what she likes, and how she then turned her whole career, and life, around.

*And more!

Monique Ross is the owner of Heartwood Nature Bathing, where she helps her clients to nourish their health and wellbeing, connect with nature, and wash away the stresses of the modern world. Sounds good? BONUS: Listeners can receive 25% off Monique’s forest bathing experiences with the code SLOWLIFE  😊

As well as being certified in Nature Bathing, Monique is also the co-author of the book This Working Life: How to Navigate Your Career in Uncertain Times, which aims to give you the tools to navigate your career with courage, openness and a good dose of laughter, through experimenting with your life and discovering your values and passions along the way.

Monique Ross is a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, and the co-author of This Working Life: How to Navigate Your Career in Uncertain Times.

Monique has trained as a journalist and spent more than a decade working in the media, before realising she was burnt out. What she had worked so hard for wasn’t making her heart sing.

She then branched out, retrained in a new field, and founded Heartwood Nature Bathing. Her work is simple and powerful, and supports the health, wellbeing and happiness of both people and the planet.

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