Since I’ve been overseas, I’ve been keeping a daily journal. I write down what happened each day, making sure that I write down one NEW thing that happens each day.

Living overseas, this has been relatively easy! But can this idea help you live a more satisfying, fulfilling life when you’re stuck in the daily grind? I think it can!

In this 15 minute episode, we’ll talk about:

🌱  How this technique will encourage you to be more present, more mindful, and more adventurous – pretty good for a ten minute activity.

🌱  How to use this technique to say ‘yes’ to more of what matters to you in life

🌱  How this challenge not only makes life more interesting, it helps you build new relationships and career opportunities

How fun is that? You totally want to listen to this episode and have a go at doing this challenge yourself, I promise!

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The changes are so small and easy to implement and yet you’ll immediately start experiencing more joy and satisfaction in your life, and greater balance too.

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