“When we start worrying about all that could happen, our body responds as though those things really are happening – and your stress levels can easily exceed the experience of just living through one bad thing, once.” 

In this episode, we’re unpacking worrying, catastrophising and those pesky ‘what if’ thoughts. 

Today we cover: 

🌱  Why we’re all worriers at heart 

🌱  Why worrying can be so problematic  

🌱  Two different mindset strategies to help you manage your worries 

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Hi! I’m your host, Lana Hall. Registered Psychologist and owner of Sage & Sound, Author of The Slow Life Project, Speaker and Mindset Mentor, from Brisbane, Australia. I help overwhelmed, overcommitted, overthinkers chill out before they burn out. How? By using practical, easy to implement, evidence based tools from psychology!