“When we have to do something new, we have to slow down, and pay attention to the details. This makes you more mindful, can change your perspective on your problems, and boosts creativity too.’  

In this solo podcast episode, you’ll learn about how powerful it can be to do something new and different.  

Find out: 

🌱 All the benefits of doing something new: increased mindfulness, new perspectives, greater confidence, and joy. 

🌱How fear holds you back, and what works to manage fear so you can take action 

🌱What I did recently that was new, and how it worked out for me 

🌱Lots of ideas to implement this idea in your own life 

If you’d love to learn more about applying slow living principles to your mindset, then why not download my ‘3 Easy Ways to Start Living Slower (that require zero extra time!)’ guide 


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