When good things happen, what do you tell yourself? That it’s a fluke, or just the norm for you? Do you think that your successes are a result of who you are, or just random chance? The attribution style you have, and how you apply it, can shift your mood dramatically – whether what you’re facing is ultimately good for you, or not good for you.

It’s time to learn about attribution styles and how to best use them to your advantage.

In this week’s podcast:

🌱  What attribution styles are

🌱  The three elements of attribution: personal, pervasiveness and permanent

🌱  Changing your attribution style depending on whether the event your facing is positive or negative.  

Understanding attribution styles and using them to your advantage can help minimise the impact of negative experiences and maximise the joy you get from positive experiences. It’s all part of mastering your mind to master your life!

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